British Airways runs ‘Escape to the Indian Ocean’ ad in spite of flight #MH370 disappearance

  The depths of the ocean were shown on screens at the station, bearing the overlaid text: “Escape the commute and discover the Indian Ocean”. Commuters at Euston Station were surprised to see British Airways adverts encouraging them to fly to the Indian Ocean on the escalators today, days after it emerged the area is where missing Malaysia flight MH370 is likely to have crashed. It is possible the adverts, posted by commuter Alan Milford, pre-date the developments of the tragic situation in Malaysia, but clearly no one thought to pull them. “To those saying this picture is a fake, it’s … Continue reading British Airways runs ‘Escape to the Indian Ocean’ ad in spite of flight #MH370 disappearance

British under-18s ‘at risk’ of being radicalised? #SignsOfARadicalBaby #RT

Exclusive: Sharp increase in under-18s ‘at risk’ of being radicalised into jihadists   Government scheme identifies 940 children in danger of being drawn into violent extremism SIMON HOOPER from The,uk The number of children and vulnerable adults identified as potential violent extremists by a controversial Government anti-radicalisation initiative has surged by more than 25 per cent in the past year. Since last April at least 940 people have been referred for assessment under the Channel programme  because of concerns they are at risk of being drawn into terrorism, according to official figures. The numbers, disclosed by the Association of … Continue reading British under-18s ‘at risk’ of being radicalised? #SignsOfARadicalBaby #RT

War On Terror – LOST?

by PATRICK COCKBURN   Al-Qa’ida, the second act: Why the global ‘war on terror’ went wrong In 2014 al-Qa’ida-type groups are numerous and powerful… In other words, the ‘war on terror’ has demonstrably failed     It is now 12-and-a-half years since the September 11 attacks that put al-Qa’ida firmly on the map of global terrorism. The US has spent billions of dollars on its ‘war on terror’ to counter the threat and succeeded in killing Osama bin Laden three years ago. And yet al-Qa’ida-type groups are arguably stronger than ever now, especially in Syria and Iraq where they control an … Continue reading War On Terror – LOST?