Jomini & Clausewitz

JOMINI AND CLAUSEWITZ:THEIR INTERACTION by Christopher Bassford An edited version of a paperpresented to the 23rd Meeting of theConsortium on Revolutionary Europeat Georgia State University26 February 1993. CopyrightChristopher Bassford. Part of¬†The Clausewitz Homepage IntroductionClausewitzJominiFundamental Differences Between the Two TheoristsTheir InteractionConclusions: The Return of JominiNotesBibliography¬† At least three important military theorists emerged from the experience of the wars of the French Revolution and Napoleon: The Austrian Archduke Charles; the Swiss writer Antoine-Henri Jomini; and the Prussian Carl von Clausewitz. The archduke has had very little influence in the United States or Great Britain, since his work was never translated into English.*1 … Continue reading Jomini & Clausewitz