The Trojan Mullahs for TTP

Most terrorist organisations rely on propaganda to divide masses, and convolute issues which demand clarity as a prerequisite for progress. The psychological aspect of a war or an insurgency cannot be undermined, at least not without facing serious consequences. Unlike the state, the TTP has learned from its experiences. Every contest between the TTP and the armed forces of Pakistan has resulted in the latter emerging decisively victorious. This imbalance of power has compelled the terrorists to look beyond their guns for strength, and they have successfully discovered it; in us. The TTP is heavily reliant on inaction from the … Continue reading The Trojan Mullahs for TTP

A donkey loaded with books is still a donkey.

Loads of books? The rot of distorted religious beliefs has contaminated Pakistani society. Just one example of this was a wedding I attended in June last year. A mullah from an important mosque was asked to perform the ceremonies at the bride’s house. He grasped the opportunity to inflict a lengthy homily about the sanctity of marriage on the unfortunate guests. Marital harmony, he insisted, was founded on the subservience of woman to man because Eve was created from the rib of Adam. The cleric had obviously read, or had been told about, the story of creation as it appears in the … Continue reading A donkey loaded with books is still a donkey.