Islamic Peacemaking in Dialogue and in Practice

INTRODUCTION A large majority of Muslim scholars, religious leaders, NGOs, and governments denounce religiously-motivated violence and they condemn and detest the abuse of their religion. Evidence of this can be seen in Muslim leaders’ widespread condemnation of terrorism and religiously motivated violence around the world. With the rise of radicalism and unprecedented conflicts in Muslim-majority countries, paradoxically, the world has witnessed astonishing efforts of many Muslim organizations and leaders to promote more frequent and effective dialogues to enhance mutual understanding and create practical steps to improve relations. Efforts are also underway in many places to vigorously educate Muslim youth about the core Islamic … Continue reading Islamic Peacemaking in Dialogue and in Practice

Sino-Pak ties a testing ground for new global order

The lasting and healthy development of the all-weather friendship between China and Pakistan has been receiving constant attention from the Chinese side. Given profound changes in the global world pattern, the two partners have to dwell on how to define future strategic cooperation. The world is undergoing an unprecedented upheaval which has seen a sliding US and the West compared with a surging China and other developing countries. Some have assumed that a historical reversal of traditional strength will happen in just 10 or 15 years. Given such changing environment, China-Pakistan relationship in the next 10 years should bolster South-South … Continue reading Sino-Pak ties a testing ground for new global order