Taliban Peace Event In Qatar?

Afghan Taliban ‘willing’ to talk to peace council as Karzai begins Qatar visit Afghan govern­ment disagr­ees with certai­n pre-condit­ions put forwar­d by Taliba­n: Source­ By Tahir Khan Published: June 9, 2013 Afghan government disagrees with certain pre-conditions put forward by Taliban. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE ISLAMABAD: The Afghan Taliban have hinted that they are willing to hold talks with the government-backed peace council, an Afghan official familiar with the development said. US Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan James Dobbins met President Karzai in late May and “informed him about the Taliban’s willingness to talk” to the Afghan High Peace Council in … Continue reading Taliban Peace Event In Qatar?

Is Karzai trapped?

Karzai trapped in no-man’s land By M K Bhadrakumar Afghan President Hamid Karzai has made his first political move a week after the assassination of the head of the Afghan High Peace Council and former president, Burhanuddin Rabbani. Following a meeting in Kabul that included tribal elders, legislative chairmen, cabinet ministers, former mujahideen commanders and his two vice presidents, Karzai’s office issued a statement on Wednesday admitting that a question mark should be on the Taliban’s capacity to take independent decisions, implying they were merely a Pakistani proxy. The statement suggested that Karzai no more regards the Taliban as his … Continue reading Is Karzai trapped?