What contaminants lurk in the UK’s drinking water?

An expert explains Vanessa Speight, University of Sheffield Recently, a school project made an alarming discovery: the presence of five times the recommended maximum amount of lead in water samples taken from 14 schools across the UK. Lead is a toxin which even at low levels is capable of affecting children’s brain development and reducing their IQ. The news might well make the British public worry about what exactly is lurking in their drinking water. Installing lead pipes in the UK’s drinking-water network has been banned for decades, but about eight million old buildings may still have lead pipes in service. … Continue reading What contaminants lurk in the UK’s drinking water?

US sanctions bleed Iran’s health system

By Kaveh L Afrasiabi  Slowly but surely, in a scenario reminiscent of pre-invasion Iraq, unilateral Western sanctions on Iran are having devastating effects on Iran’s healthcare sector, adversely affecting the well-being of millions of ordinary Iranians – cancer patients first and foremost. [1]  According to the latest reports from Iran, despite a recent US easing of sanctions for the export of food and medicine to Iran, the current financial restrictions continue to prove a formidable obstacle for the delivery of medicine and medical equipment to Iran.  Not only that, the US and its allies have blocked an offer by the oil … Continue reading US sanctions bleed Iran’s health system