British under-18s ‘at risk’ of being radicalised? #SignsOfARadicalBaby #RT

Exclusive: Sharp increase in under-18s ‘at risk’ of being radicalised into jihadists   Government scheme identifies 940 children in danger of being drawn into violent extremism SIMON HOOPER from The,uk The number of children and vulnerable adults identified as potential violent extremists by a controversial Government anti-radicalisation initiative has surged by more than 25 per cent in the past year. Since last April at least 940 people have been referred for assessment under the Channel programme  because of concerns they are at risk of being drawn into terrorism, according to official figures. The numbers, disclosed by the Association of … Continue reading British under-18s ‘at risk’ of being radicalised? #SignsOfARadicalBaby #RT

Pakistan and the need for a positive foreign policy.

Foreign policy dilemmas By Dr Hasan Askari Rizvi   The writer is an independent political and defence analyst. He is also the author of several books, monographs and articles on Pakistan and South Asian Affairs The mindset of a large number of politically active people and policymakers in Pakistan continues to be dominated by the Cold War politics of ideological divide and enduring friendships or enmities. The major discourse emphasises the global conflict between the Muslim and non-Muslim states of the Western world. A follow-up of this formulation is Islamic Pakistan versus non-Islamic states and groups. A widely shared view is … Continue reading Pakistan and the need for a positive foreign policy.