Work-life balance:

What really makes us happy might surprise you Lis Ku, De Montfort University Finding the right work-life balance is by no means a new issue in our society. But the tension between the two has been heightened by the pandemic, with workers increasingly dwelling over the nature of their work, its meaning and purpose, and how these affect their quality of life. Studies suggest people are leaving or planning to leave their employers in record numbers in 2021 – a “great resignation” that appears to have been precipitated by these reflections. But if we’re all reconsidering where and how work slots … Continue reading Work-life balance:

The 10 Habits of Highly Unflabby People @JeffVrabel

The 10 Habits of Highly Unflabby People So you want to keep an eye on the old waistline, but you hate diets. Join the club. Rather than give you recipes for “yummy” quinoa-kelp granola, we suggest following these simple rules, rituals, and metabolic sleights of hand. You’ll eat better, eat less, and burn calories all day long, even while checking your e-mail BY JEFF VRABEL ILLUSTRATION BY RAMI NIEMI         Your Eating Habits 1. Grease your pans with olive-oil cooking spray. This is twenty-nine calories less than a pat of butter. One time, no big deal. But if you cook … Continue reading The 10 Habits of Highly Unflabby People @JeffVrabel