Mourning the Sialkot killings

Mourning the Sialkot killings

Let us all mourn for the family of the two brothers who were killed by an angry mob in the presence of police officials in Sialkot last week.

My heart compelled me to write this due to the depression and anxiety that has been looming in my mind after hearing about the brutal killings.

Pakistan has been going through a terrible crisis situation. No one knows where this country is going, but it certainly does not feel like we are heading in the right direction. Is this is the beginning of some terrible end?

Everyone has a heart. I wonder how can someone’s heart and mind go so numb that not even a single person out of the mob came in front to stop the brutal act. Many people were present on the sad site for hours and while making videos, they forgot their moral, social and religious duties. I can’t stop wondering how no one felt pity on the young boys who were even being beaten up after they had lost their lives. This is evidence of sheer inhumanity, rather the height of it.

If the victims had been blamed for murdering any of the culprits’ family members such fury may be just a little bit understandable, that yes, in retaliation a person could become such animal. But what did they do?

This incident has also proved that there seems to exist no rule of law left in this country. Those policemen, who were present at the time of this brutal killing, should be punished in the harshest way possible so that no police official in future can even think of overlooking his duties of trust, faith and security. How convenient it was for the SHO to escape from police custody is just another example of our lack of rule.

Pakistan’s image is already tarnished, and this incident only made it worse. Media has once again acted responsibly and highlighting this incident is perhaps what compelled the chief justice to take sou moto notice. The culprits can easily be recognized by looking at the footage. There is no reason for them not be caught and brought to justice.

I was listening to the interview of the victims’ grandfather. While crying he expressed his anguish by saying that even the butchers do not sacrifice animals in the manner these men had killed his grandsons. The father of the victims said that he came to know about his great loss just before time for Iftar; the beasts had already killed his sons during the day time.

Thinking of the Sialkot sons’ family has made me restless. This is the height of brutality.

Like every Pakistani with a heart and mind, I too wish and pray that the culprits responsible for the deaths of the young boys are caught and punished with no political or social power intervening in their case.

Jawad Muzaffar is an Associate Producer for

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