Jaguar XK150

Rare 1950s Jaguar for sale – having done just 500 miles

A rare 1950s Jaguar sports car with just 500 miles on the clock is to be sold after being painstakingly reconstructed from parts packed away in boxes.

By Andrew Hough

Rare 1950s Jaguar for sale - having done just 500 miles

Jaguar XK150 Sports has just 553 miles on the clock Photo: PICTURE IT NOW

The Jaguar XK150 Sports is expected to raise more than £250,000 after a rebuild in Harworth, near Doncaster

The car was bought brand new in the USA by American John Dolce in 1959, and it was one of only 724 of the cars sold in the country.

Eager to test his new car’s top speed, Mr Dolce took it out on the Bonneville salt flats in Utah after driving just 553 miles. As he turned at the end of his first run he rolled the car.

Luckily, the driver walked away unscathed, but not so the shiny new car, which suffered damage to the windscreen frame and other upper areas of the bodywork.

Mr Dolce sold the car in 1960, un-repaired, and the Jaguar subsequently had three changes of ownership in the USA before being bought by Ray Miles and his step son Mike Hill as a restoration project for their works in Yorkshire. The pair run a car repair shop, working mainly on modern cars but also refurbish and restore classics, and when they heard of this vehicle and its genuine history, with all the parts completely original they were immediately interested.

Now, a decade after the car was brought back to England in crates, the sleek roadster is ready for sale.

The Jaguar has had renewed bodywork and an interior that reflects the luxurious style of the 50s.

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