Pigs – Loose Again?

‘Foreign relief workers presence unacceptable’

A file picture dated 04 October 2009 shows chief of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (Movement of Pakistani Talibans) Hakimullah Mehsud (C) sits with Taliban Spokesman Azam Tariq (R). PHOTO: EPA

The Taliban have hinted they may launch attacks against foreign flood relief workers in Pakistan, saying their presence is ‘unacceptable.’

Tehreek-e-Taliban spokesman Azam Tariq claimed Thursday that the United States and other countries were not really focused on providing aid to flood victims but had other “intentions” which he did not specify.

Earlier, the United States had warned that the Taliban are planning to target foreign aid workers involved in flood relief in Pakistan, said a US official speaking to AFP.

‘According to information available to the US government, [Pakistan militant group] Tehreek-e-Taliban plans to conduct attacks against foreigners participating in the ongoing flood relief operations in Pakistan,’ the official said

The United States has been actively helping Pakistan with relief efforts, with US troops also helping in evacuation and relief distribution efforts.

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