US Forcing Muslims to Register on Database?

Davi Barker: 70% of 760 AM Listeners Support Forcing Muslims to Register on Database

Posted on 30 August 2010 by Emperor

Some may say who listens to AM radio anymore? Nonetheless still a scary poll.

70 percent of 760 AM listeners support forcing Muslims to register on a national database

760 KFMB AM is a talk radio station hosting such conservative luminaries as Michael Savage, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. Today, below the Wiener Dog racing and ads for the Sean Hannity Freedom Concert is a fun little poll that asks listeners:

During a time of war, should we register as many practicing Muslims as we can find in a national database?

  1. No – it’s an invasion of privacy.
  2. Yes- gun owners have to, why not Muslims?

Currently, 70% of those polled are in favor of forced registration for American Muslims. Granted, this is not a representative sampling of the general population, but it none the less contributes to a disturbing trend of national opinion about Islam.

Jenn Chou is the National Anti-establishment Examiner and a member of CopBlock, a decentralized project of writers and activists dedicated to holding rogue cops accountable by filming their behavior and publishing it online. Jenn writes”

  • Forced registration is exactly what the Nazis did to the Jewish population of Germany. The Nazis did not kill 6 million Jewish people overnight and go from being perfectly amicable one day to burning them in ovens the next. It started with small steps. Read More

But one need not look so far as Germany. Right here in American Census data was used to round up the Japanese during WWIII. In fact, this year the US Census Bureau sent representatives to the events of numerous Islamic organizations to sooth concerns Muslims had about submitting their personal data to a government so openly hostile to them. At one event Steven Tupolo from the US Census Bureau assured me that by law the US Census Bureau does not share personal data with any other agency. That it is compiled for statistical purposes only. But when I asked if they couldn’t just change the law he said, “Sure, Congress has the right to change the law whenever.” Not a lot of assurance there. I personally think Muslims would be better served to side with Republicans and Libertarians against the US Census and it’s lack of Constitutional basis.

The fact is the government already has as much information on Muslims as they want without a national database. The Bay Area CAIR chapter reports that the FBI visits at least one Bay Area Muslim per week, and that’s just the cases reported to them. Jenn is absolutely correct that whatever rights violations the state cooks up will occur in small steps. Like the myth that you can cook a frog alive if you place it cold water and increase the temperature gradually. Free societies always descend into authoritarianism by a slow fair-seeming incrementalism.  As Sinclair Lewis put it, “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving a cross.”

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