Christian Fanatic Gets Ass-kicked in Hookah Bar thinking its a Mosque!

Drunken Bigot Tries to Commit Anti-Muslim Hate Crime, Gets His Ass Kicked Instead

The details of this one are kind of sketchy, but TPM describes the story as one of a series of cases where “people who seemed to want to commit a hate crime … were either too drunk, too stupid or too disorganized to pull it off or even give a really clear idea of what they were trying to do.” Apparently, 31 year-old Kevin Morris walked into a hookah bar under the impression that such venues are populated by the Muslim devout rather than smirking hipsters. It didn’t go well.

After entering the Lounge, in the words of Amanda Pinto of the New Haven Register, Morris began “shout[ing] profanities and racial epithets at a group of black and Arabic people.” Pinto doesn’t say what the epithets were. And it’s not entirely clear what the clientele is or what kind of place the Fire & Ice Hookah Lounge is. But one thing’s clear: it ain’t a mosque.

In any case, Morris comes into the Lounge shouting his epithets, apparently really drunk and at some point tries to grab the bartender by the throat or strangle him or something. But things did not go well for Morris. The folks in the establishment were not interested in that kind of an evening and proceeded to administer Morris a serious beating. As Pinto put it, Morris “was punched in the face by at least one of the people he was shouting at” and when police finally arrived he was “bleeding profusely from the face.”

Morris was treated at Yale-New Haven Hospital and charged with 3rd degree intimidation due to bias and 2nd degree breach of peace. He is still in police custody.

I don’t celebrate or endorse violence, but I’m going to make an exception here.

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