One thought on “We need native British Muslim leaders

  1. You can have more Native British Muslim Leaders, If you can present Real Islam to British.
    What is Real Islam ?. This has following qualities.
    1. Real Islam Teach’s Love for Mankind, irrespective of on’s religion.
    2. Real Islam do not support Terrorist Activities.
    3. Real Islam do not support Talban type activities.
    4. Real Islam is for all Mankind and do not have any idiology of Corporate Islam, as promoted and practiced by Government of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
    5. House of God, ‘Kaaba’ is for all Human Beings or for all creation of God and nor for Only Saudi Arabia, select Muslims.
    Muslims kill Muslims, in Pakistan, in Iraq and in all other Muslim Countries. Quran Teaches not to kill any body. You may not be able to find such muslims in British. Any body who claims to be a Muslim and do not follow Quran Instructions, cannot be considered a Muslim. so, in my opinion, you may not be able to find a real Muslim, today, in amy muslim country or in Britian.
    If Real Muslims do not exist today, so how you can find Native British Muslim Leaders.
    Only a Prophet of God can convert todays ‘muslims by birth’ to Real Muslims which existed 1400 years ago.
    If you search in Non-Muslims, you may be able to find followers of Prophet Muhammad, but, not in so called muslims.

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