Russell Simmons to Lead ‘I Am a Muslim, Too’ Rally This Weekend

Neilson Barnard, Getty Images

On March 6, Russell Simmons plans to lead over 75 interfaith, nonprofit, governmental and civil liberties groups in a rally that supports Muslim rights within the U.S. The gathering, an apparent response to Congressional hearings by Peter King (R-LI), aims to show a united American community with full cooperation amongst various religions. It will take place at New York City’s Times Square at 2PM EST.

“As invested Americans, we acknowledge the important work of the Congressional Committee on Homeland Security,” said Russell Simmons in a statement previewing the event. “However, we’re concerned the hearings will send the wrong message and alienate American Muslims instead of partnering with them, potentially putting their lives at risk by inciting fear and enmity.”

Guests at the rally will include a wide assortment of imams, rabbis, priests and many other religious and community leaders. Simmons jumped on board because he was alarmed at the “demonzation of an entire community.” He also hopes to build signatures on a petition sent to house majority and minority leaders John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi that protests “the bias evident in King’s hearings.”

These hearings specifically dealt with the “radicalization of Muslims in America.” Representative King has been widely criticized for having political motives rather than encouraging cooperation and social improvement.

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