“JC” by amina wadud

Amina Wadud 2 I am Muslim, by choice, practice and vocation

It’s been more than three decades, and certainly most of the influential time of my own theological/social justice career, since I was first introduced to Joseph Campbell (may he rest in “bliss”).  He was still alive then, and my husband and I were like geeks following his PBS series on Myths and Metaphors, and reading all his books.  We called him “JC”, an intentional play on initials and Jesus Christ.  Both of us Muslims by choice, we embrace the Gospels as part of the divine legacy of revelation and accept that they come from the same Source as the Qur’an, the Torah, and other sacred texts, but we fall short of the divination of Jesus.  The grey area of this is hard put for some Christians because “accepting Christ” means to accept the story of his birth, death and resurrection as formula bringing salvation.

We accept his extraordinary divine mission. …

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