Revisiting Fazlur Rahman’s Ordeal

Hanging Odes

An anonymous commentator has inquired about the ‘backstory’ of banning of Fazlur Rahman’sIslam‘ and forced me to terminate my prolonged hiatus from blogging.

Dr Fazlur Rahman Anyone examining the newspapers of second half of 68′ would know with ease that the whole episode was one of the earliest and most unfortunate sagas of political hijacking of Islam. It is immaterial whether Fazlur Rahman was labeled a kaafir, an apostate or a religious hypocrite and how the political environment at that time overshadowed an otherwise academic issue; what is important however, that Fazlur Rahman proved to be a victim of misdirected traditionalist emotionalism and paid the heavy price of abandoning his cherished goal of transforming intellectual heritage of Muslims and deploying a modern religious education policy in Pakistan.

Tragically, he suffered a lot due to peculiarity of his dual associations; wherein he was an active proponent of reforming traditional understanding…

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