Dr Mohammad Naseem passes away aged 90

Dr Mohammed Naseem

This morning, Dr Mohammed Naseem founder and chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque, passed away aged 90 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

Today, the City of Birmingham lost one of her most dedicated citizens. Inspired by his faith as Muslim, as a British citizen and resident of Birmingham, Dr Naseem took his civil responsibilities to heart, devoting his life to the well being of everyone.

Dr Naseem was a familiar face with Muslims in the West Midlands, and the wider society. He was one of the most outspoken, and at times controversial leaders of the British Muslim community.

Born in India in 1924, Dr Naseem was educated mainly in Pakistan, completing his training in the United kingdom as a GP. In which role he served the people of Birmingham for many years.

Please keep Dr Naseem in your prayers (dua), may he rest in Peace and be granted a place in Heaven (Jannah).

Funeral prayers (Salah al-Janaza) will be held on Thursday 24th April, 2.30pm (after Zuhr Namaz) at Birmingham Central Mosque, 180, Belgrave Middleway, Highgate B12 0XS

The burial will take place shortly after at 4.00pm, Handsworth Cemetry, Oxhill Road, Birmingham B21 8JT

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