The Silence of Muslims is Haraam!


Imagine your daughter, sister, wife or mother – kidnapped and the kidnappers use your religion – Islam as an excuse for their crime. What do you as a Muslim say?

Imagine a criminal using Islam as a front to carry out atrocities against innocents – imagine that an innocent victim is your loved one. What do you as a Muslim would feel?

Imagine a criminal using and abusing the teachings of the Last Prophet PBUH and claiming he is doing this because he believes that this is what Islam teaches him. Would you defend the Prophets honour or would you defend this criminal?

The news from Nigeria is blood-curdling.

The kidnapping of around 300 Nigerian girls last month has now been owned by Boko Haram, with its chief threatening ‘by Allah’ to sell those girls in slave markets. In a chilling demonstration of his intentions, in the name of Islam, Boko Haram chief Abubakr Shekau released an hour-long video that showed his hooded acolytes raising rifles and shouting ‘Allah-o-Akbar’ as Shekau flaunted his criminality to the Nigerian people by declaring, “I abducted your girls”.

Describing the girls as “slaves”, he had no qualms about saying he would repeat his actions. Over 50 of the girls have managed to flee, two have died of snakebite, many have been forced to marry and some have been forcibly converted — all in the name of Islam, mine and your Islam.

Last week, two explosions killed or injured more than 100 people, and police believe Boko Haram wanted to demonstrate its destructive power as Nigeria prepared to host the World Economic Forum.

So far acts of terror by the Boko Haram militants and security crackdowns have led to over 1,500 deaths this year alone.

But there is no indication yet that the Nigerian government has the political will to purposefully take on the extremists who have chosen murder and abduction as a strategy to advance their political aims for which they claim religious sanction.

The Nigerian government has come under intense criticism at home for focusing all security measures on the WEF delegates and for ignoring the urgent task of recovering the girls.

But, the issue doesn’t concern Nigeria alone.

Seen against the background of religious militancy that has rocked Muslim (as well as the wider world) countries from Indonesia to Morocco, Boko Haram’s latest act of crime against humanity poses a question or two to the entire Muslim world, especially its intellectuals and ulema.

Will the Muslim world stay quiet over this insult of their religion and look away from the Nigerian people’s trauma?

Girls are abducted from schools because Boko Haram says it opposes ‘Western’ education. That an education can be ‘Western or Eastern’ is a debatable issue, but even if ‘Western education’ is all that devilish, was the mass kidnapping of the girls the best way to register protest?

The Muslim world now must speak up.

Those who accuse the Western media of tarring all Muslims with the same brush now have an excellent chance of correcting this erroneous perception by denouncing Boko Haram’s evil deed in unequivocal terms and by dissociating the international Islamic community from such fiendish crimes.

Its time that Islamic seats of learning – Deoband, Qom and Al Azhar unite in expressing their abhorrence of the atrocity in Nigeria.

Silence is no option. 

One thought on “The Silence of Muslims is Haraam!

  1. SubhanAllah indeed its about time all Muslim wake up and voiced their disgust and concern on this nightmare, its despicable and shame on us Islamic world, Boko Haram living up to his name and getting away with everything illegal in Islam, abducting girls and forcing them into Slavery in the name of Allah, this should be called highest crime of the treason of the century. I really had enough of the terrorism cause by the extremists it must stop now all around the world, Scholars and Leaders and people of the Islamic countries stop ignoring the sever issues and needs to put their heads together and end all atrocities and bring justice and peace among all faiths and humanity soon, InShaAllah.

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