The Warrior, Women & Wealth

The Warrior:


The Art of War is about transforming our weaknesses into strengths and succeeding without compromising our basic ethics. When someone fights, they’re not seeking to overturn any laws of nature because they believe themselves to be in the right and the other in the wrong. Nature does not judge, it is just nature.

Men and women are different and yet are equal under natural laws – males and females are born equally in different species as a way to expand their species. All forms of species struggle to advance themselves and their group – all are warriors.

Everyone fights. Life itself calls upon the warrior to step forward.




Early humans didn’t have preoccupation with separate roles for women and men. Women and men shared responsibilities and decision-making power, men and women are different physically but they still are part of the same species – they are human.

There was no other choice in the past, living was harsh and everyone pitched in with hunting, work, getting food, raising kids and defending their families. Look at how we have single women or men struggling with their kids today – childcare was never a mother’s responsibility alone in the past – it’s something that was shared with the extended family or neighbours within the village. Men and women are warriors.


As humans became comfortable in their identities, tribes, cultures, religions – men the physically stronger of the two started becoming more individualistic and assertive. In the UK ( and a third of the planet Earth via the British Empire ) during the Victorian period men and women’s roles became more defined than at any time in history. Before this it was usual for women to work alongside husbands and brothers in the family business.

As Britain progressed internationally and economically men increasingly commuted to their place of work – the factory, shop or office and the women were left at home to oversee domestic chores.

Sex rather than a part of a natural expression of human love became a relief, an entertainment and the emotional disconnect with women increased and the population exploded. The ‘Stay At Home Women’ is simply a modern industrial age construct, a form of imposed slavery by society. This is not say that women shouldn’t stay at home – but rather it should be their choice and not imposed and also men have a choice to stay and home with the kids and women could go out to work.

The roles societies have thrust upon us are not natural, they are artificial. That is not to say they are all wrong. Men have lost their warrior mindset.





The Women:


Women – like men have lost the ‘warrior mindset’ and have become too comfortable in the roles society has thrust upon them. Both sexes have ceased looking at things objectively and have become objects to each other.

Men and women have unique fears embedded in their own minds. These fears have sucked the vitality and happiness out of our lives and have paralysed us as a species. We look to appreciation from others to feel socially accepted and look to materialism as a form of wealth. We are within cages with the doors are open and yet we refuse to leave the cage and will die within the cage thinking we did everything we could with our lives.

The Art of War brings the wisdom and the warrior mindset of Master Sun Tzu to everyday life and gives us the ability to recognise our fears and overcome them as men and women and to fly out of our cages.

We need to take control of our own minds and face our fears. When I speak of womens rights – I talk basic human rights that are part of natural laws and no one has the right to take that away. With these rights becomes responsibility as men to see women as our equals and behave accordingly.

The woman whether you know her or not is not inferior to you. As men we are not superior to others and neither are we inferior – we are all individuals with different strengths and abilities within. The problems we see outside and within our heads first and foremost.




Most of us men see women as beautiful and many of us see them as sex objects however much we deny it (unless we are gay) – we should acknowledge that truth at least to ourselves. But understand that a true warrior must think with his heart and head not his phallus.

A woman regardless how she is dressed or not dressed gives us no right to impose our views on her – unless we have transvestite tendencies even then it doesn’t give a man an automatic right.

Women are generally physically weaker and may get targeted by a man who is emotionally stupid and doesn’t think with his heart or head – its the duty of the noble man to stand up for that woman. Men are natural warriors, soldiers and are physically stronger.

There is a nobleness that we humans are striving for collectively and the more we act in line with our true warrior spirit the more we will see it around us. We can recognise this in nature how animals behave or how plants grow. They don’t judge one another as objects – rather just live in tune with nature, look out for each other just be.




The Wealth:


We humans believe ourselves to be superior to nature. But we are as Pope Francis said are ‘custodians of nature’ it is our duty to protect nature and we should become more humble in relation to nature and what is around us – including other human beings. This in itself shows us the path to wealth.

When I talk about war understand that this does not mean fighting all the time. It is simply about gaining victory with the least amount of conflict and in a way that you honour your own self and the group you represent in your ‘battle’ against the other – whoever that other is.

Sun Tzu’s book is about strategies of war – each of us have our own war and wars. These strategies begin with having a understanding of those around us – but more importantly having an understanding of ourselves – our strengths and weaknesses, our loves and hates, our goals and fears, our darkness and light.

This is how we can bring wealth to ourselves both inside us first and then outside of us. The Art of War is not a motivational book but many feel motivated to achieve what they want.  It is simply a book, a manual that shows you the freedom how to be yourself.

Mohammed Abbasi

One thought on “The Warrior, Women & Wealth

  1. Evening *Mohammed*

    Thank *YOU* for the posting …

    Come to find, I have had a Samurai Sword, for over 20 years. The holder of it, is rusty, and I was never able to get the sword out Then last evening, I called to it, held it, in Honor it kept showing me the use of it on the enemy

    I said no no no, I want the carrier of it Well that is who showed up Offered it the freqs I use And then last evening, it all got to *running* Very interesting

    It, the sword came out, w/ a bit of a small pop

    The bade, can still smell the oil on it, and it has NO rust the blade could be cleaned It might be from the time of WWII ? as many were made quickly no markings on it anywhere The leather on the handle is in like new

    The spirit / Beloved that has come forward has in fact been effected by the work we r doing here tho I am not attending, I am in spirit / Beloved It seems to me, imho, that Beloved sword owner is both pleased and relieved of ‘things’ and glad to be ‘called’ here, this now

    I am very pleased to have it here, both the sword and the Beloved

    Yes, I do know *Anthony Shaffer*

    We r priceless *YOU* know

    mine is like the one one the right

    Aah yes, the blade is still very sharp

    I am the one who carries the sword this now

    Oh yes, I do not agree w/ some of the word-ing However it is all right All good

    A Sweet Life Living

    Thank *YOU* *NANCY*

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