Learn Finger Maths & The Soroban Abacus Method.

I hated maths at school and wasn’t very good at it – until I came across the soroban abacus and finger maths.

Maths now I find enjoyable and a relaxing pass time.

At the end of this will be downloadable Soroban worksheets which you can use your fingers (or a Soroban) to use to calculate (should you wish to purchase a Soroban Abacus you can find them on Ebay and Amazon) – alternatively email/message me and I will direct you):



Here are some kids using The Soroban Abacus…

Here is a Soroban Abacus Tutorial (This is just to show you how simple this is)

Now look at the abacus you already have – your hands…

Now how to count to 99… on your two hands.

Once you do… you will understood Soroban and why it works! The four beads stand for the four fingers on your hand, and the separate bead for the thumb.

Here are screenshots of a hand and the online Soroban abacus.

It works the best if you count along.

Use the four fingers of your right hand to count 1, 2, 3, 4.

This corresponds to the four beads in the first row of Soroban, shown as yellow.

The thumb stands for 5, all by itself, just like the lonely yellow bead does.

We move from direct counting to symbols:

You add fingers to the thumb to count 6, 7, 8, 9.

So 1 to 4 are you fingers and 1 thumb is 5 so on one hand you can count to 9.

What happens when you arrive at 10?

Simple… You get to use your other hand, which is now a new place value – and the new row of beads on the abacus.

The digits, the beads, and the fingers all fit together like hand in glove.

Here is another difference of this system from just counting your 10 fingers. You can count all the way to 99 on your two hands!

And if you join forces with a friend, you can show even bigger numbers.

Finger Soroban 824


Simple Finger Maths

Here is a video showing how to count all the way from 1 to 99:


Learn Times Tables Fast

Percentages Made Easy


Worksheet links:




Enjoy learning this method (you can learn or relearn this at any age) and once you do simply teach others…


Pass it on 🙂





Mohammed Abbasi

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