Are We Too Clever To Actually Live?

This is the question that was asked by one of my friends from Senegal who mentioned that people are too involved in trying to live than actually just living. What he was talking about is the lack of authentic leadership within those many consider leaders.

Leadership is not about leading others, but teaching and inspiring without attaching the oneself to the title of a leader.



Having life is not possessing life.

We are alive, we have a life – we do not possess this life because it can be taken away from us at any time, this life has a beginning and an end and within those two points of time we exist.

I cannot possess anything even myself as I and all life exists for a purpose to experience itself in what we know of in this three-dimensional reality. Life cannot be experienced fully if I attach myself to things thinking that I possess them – not just my life but my own needs whether material or emotional.

Master Sun said “Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?” – the first thought and question in the mind must be “Why am I here and for what purpose?”.



Leadership is not about neediness.

In looking for others to lead, protect or guide us – we must ask ourselves “why?’. I am not saying don’t seek leadership, protection or guidance from others but rather be aware of what you really are seeking is not to burden another with your neediness and desire to prove yourself – as the leader or as the follower. We ‘own’ our own lives for a short period of time – the burden of hopes and for things from others is not what our lives are about.

In being needy we externalise our existence to others and become attached over time to their values be they material, spiritual or whatever – we chain and enslave ourselves to what is around us and refuse to acknowledge our own deeper needs over those of others, over time our individual creativity vanishes.

Look at political or religious leaders in many cases they seek to possess (enslave) either people or things and many of us get caught up in their games and our lives revolve around them. Look at business and media leaders they also have a hold on us. What time do we really have to live – actually live for ourselves?

Master Sun said “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” – many people consider themselves strong and wise and live within that mindset. “It is a false belief that we are better than others and this gives others the opportunities to find weaknesses in us and use those chinks in our armour against us.”

A person that is always thinking of how to improve him or herself not in comparison to others but their own-selves it becomes easier not just defend themselves but fight on their own terms. In seeking something from others – whatever that something is, our neediness gives an opening for others to play us.




So who am I?

I do not remember where I was before I was born and I do not know where I will go after I die. The time I have as a human I must find out more about myself and my potential. I have many questions and few definite answers but I am learning and evolving my understanding and I like to make my own mistakes as well as learn from others mistakes. But what I am certain of is that: ‘Possessions enslave me, but ownership of my own life and thinking is freedom.’

Yes I do have responsibility towards others but not an obligation towards others. My responsibility is to open a door and to not push someone through. My responsibility is to smile not force the other to smile back. My responsibility is towards the other – and not seek to get anything back from the other in turn.

Leaders, if they don’t promote this basic responsibility – are fake and they are simply trying to control to ‘possess’ others. No one is perfect and no one should be taken in by those who consider themselves superior or perfect especially if they use religious manipulation as if they really regarded that as holy – they would be ‘superior’ enough as not to abuse it to gain power for themselves like this.

Master Sun said “Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”“Life itself is a battle, a struggle and the key to winning this war is to know that we as individuals are our own best friends and worst enemies.”



Peace & Love or War & Hatred?

There is a neediness within people to seek acknowledgment for their lives from others. This is not wrong but there is an excessiveness of that. If we look at those for example who are involved in work that helps others yet hanker after honours, awards or special thanks – they are letting themselves down – thats not helping others or yourself, thats neediness to get acknowledgement from others in how great you are.

When we want others to be real and truthful to us – we need to be authentic and communicate to them on their level without any inner pre-conditions. We need not prove how great or good we are – our lives will show others that. We need not hanker after publicity for our ‘good deeds’.

With the internet, people are connecting and relationships are growing, increasingly people are learning at their own pace in their own way, discussing the good and the bad, the light and the dark – there is no more Christian or Islamic, Chinese or African, European or Asian or whatever civilisation in their minds (even if they identify under those labels) – they are becoming more united, regardless what the media or their particular tribes/groups tell them – we are developing into a more united planet and no one person or group can stop that.

The internet proves that we are already connected – regardless of the differences of opinions.

Master Sun said “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.” – “Refuse to hide away from your hates, anger issues and fears and confront them, not just within but with each other – understand them and overcome them. Unless these ‘internal enemies’ are dealt with the outside enemies will continue to use these points against you”.




Its my life and I can live it the way I want!

Master Sun said “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.” – “Our life is like a tree, what we do spreads its branches – the positive and the negative. The tress stands calm and serene, offering shelter or food yet at the same time quietly watching and just being, waiting”.


Having possessions is a false way of living. In nature, what animals do we see that live to possess things – meaning do they live their lives around that neediness oaf material ‘wealth’? Humans consider themselves to be the higher life forms. Animals possess nothing and yet they have their own lives and live in real, simple but powerful ways – even if we humans cage animals or kill them, the animal does not lose its ‘dignity’ of being who they are, they are not false to their nature.

In seeking to possess we wish to enslave. We are guardians of those around us – look at it this way, when we go through puberty and certain energies are awakened and we lust… doesn’t matter how much we deny it. Many then marry and take things to the next level and call it love and through that love we find ourselves responsible for bringing through the next generation of humans.


We are all guardians of those around us – of each other thats our base nature. Our nature is that of a warrior – a soldier who will defend and yes fight for those he (or she) is the guardian of.

When we elevate our tribe – religious, racial or whatever – we should do it in a way shows to ourselves that we are proud – this is why those who volunteer to help their groups elderly, kids, weak, hungry show strength, confidence and pride in their group and are comfortable and take ownership of who they are – this is real leadership and the warrior spirit.

The Art of War teaches us how to fight wars. – Tribes, countries – whatever – have come about through war and suffering. Master Sun teaches us how to honour that inner warrior spirit by accepting who we are and growing from that basis.

So my purpose for writing this article is not to say ‘change’ who you are but to accept who you are by going deeper into your identity whatever that is and find the keys within to rise up.

No one needs to tell us who we are, we just need to remember who we were. We need to choose to live with purpose.

Mohammed Abbasi

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