Matt Shea & Biblical Basis for War in the US

Former-US Army Matt Shea who predicts another civil war in the United States refuses to speak with the media and airs his concerns over conspiracy theories like FEMA camps with InfoWars’ Alex Jones.

Shea has organized the Spokane chapter of the anti-Muslim ACT for America, which the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as a hate group.

Shea has spoken at a secretive religious community run by a man who founded the Christian Identity movement, which, according to the Anti-Defamation League, believes white Europeans to be the lost tribes of Israel and considers Jews to be the offspring of Eve and Satan.


  • Five-term Washington state Representative Matt Shea has been circulating a manual for a ‘Christian’ holy war in the United States.
  • The manual is a how-to guide on killing non-believers (anyone not a Southern Baptist) and establishing a Christian theocracy under Fundamentalist Priests.
  • Now he is under FBI scrutiny.
  • The document, titled “Biblical Basis for War,” goes point-by-point over how a Christian theocratic movement should exterminate its opposition in a battle to win a hypothetical holy war.
  • I have included his outline below for academic purposes for friends who tackle Islamist extremism/terrorism to see how similar the Southern Baptist Evangelical ideas of war are.

This is a ‘five-term’ Washington state Representative.

Rep. Matt Shea has been circulating this manual for ‘holy war (also known as a Christian Jihad) in the United States for a period of time, the Seattle Times reported.

The four-page document, is titled “Biblical Basis for War” (see outline below) and shows how a Christian theocratic movement would exterminate any opposition to the United States Southern Baptist Church in a battle to win its holy war.

His demands before he launches his genocide on parts of the civilian population of the United States include:

stop all abortions” (and included the death penalty for anyone involved in this)

no LGBT marriage” (includes death penalty for those unwilling to change sexuality)

no idolatry /occultism” (no other religion except the Southern Baptist version)

no communism” (looks like a formalised rule of corporations married theocracy)  &

obey Biblical law” (Simply – the Priests will have power over the people)

If the rest of the United States refuses to “yield” to his terms, the document advocates a final solution: “kill all males”



Biblical Basis for War

  1. God is a Warrior.

  1. When is the time for war? When God says its time…Prayer Council.

  1. Fight to win so you don’t have to fight again.

  2. 4 Things to stay within God’s will:

    1. Holy Cause;

    1. Holy Leader;

    2. Holy Army; and

    3. Holy Camp.

  1. 4 Ways to know its time to fight:

    1. God reveals His will to the leader;

    1. Leader inquires of God…Prayer Council;

    2. God puts it on the hearts of the people; or

    3. God starts the fight.

  1. Things for a Holy Army

    1. Sacrifice/Worship/Prayer;

    1. Circumcision/Saved;

    2. Vow (consecration to the Lord);

    3. Trumpets/Ark;

    1. Atonement/Money; and

    2. Praise to God Before/During/After.

  1. 5 Facts of War:

    1. War is a fact of life.

    2. God is with us and the battle is His.

    1. Numbers are inconsequential.

    2. Armaments are inconsequential.

    3. Isaiah 57:1 – Why Righteous Men are Killed…

  1. 4 Qualifications of a Warrior:

    1. 18 years old or older;

    1. Able bodied Man;

    2. Single Minded in Battle; and

    3. Stable Home.

  1. 5 Exemptions from Service:

    1. Training Family – New Home;

    1. Newlyweds – New Wife;

    2. Farmer – New Crops;

    3. Scared – Fear Means a Lack of Faith (Offer to Leave); or

    1. Priests – Duty to Ministry in Temple.

  1. Rules of War

    1. Conduct a census of all able bodied males (18-­‐45).

      1. Identify Exemptions (see above).

      2. Appoint Captains of 10’s, 50’s, 100’s and 1000’s.

    1. Avoid blood shed if possible.

    2. Make an offer of Peace before declaring war.

      1. Not a negotiation or compromise of righteousness.

      1. Must surrender on terms of justice and righteousness:

        1. Stop all abortions;

        2. No same-­‐sex marriage;

        1. No idolatry or occultism;

        2. No communism; and

        1. Must obey Biblical law.

      1. If they yield – must pay share of work or taxes.

      2. If they do not yield – kill all males.

    1. War is not waged against nations but against man (no scorched earth or Sherman’s march to the sea).

    1. Cut down only non-­‐food trees necessary for supplies (safeguard production over politics or retribution).

    1. Do not attack or kill productive citizens. They are your base of support after the enemy is defeated.

    2. Law of Booty

      1. ½ went to those who fought.

      2. ½ went to those who didn’t.

      1. Divide evenly to the individuals…each gives tribute to Lord.

        1. Tithe to Church & Ministry

        2. None to Government – Removes temptation to fight.

        3. May use your part to give to those who helped.

        1. Commanders received the same portion. If a greater portion then they would have an incentive to fight.

  1. Organizational Structure for War

    1. Captains of 5/10/50/100/1000

      1. 5 = Team Leader (Corporal)

      1. 10 = Squad Leader (Sergeant)

      2. 50 = Platoon Leader (Lieutenant/Sergeant First Class)

      1. 100 = Company Commander (Captain/First Sergeant)

      2. 1000 = Battalion Commander (Colonel/Sergeant Major)

    1. Small Standing Army (Quick Reaction & Shell Leadership).

    1. Only Muster in War Time.

  1. Biblically Dealing with Tyranny

    1. Tyranny is never a divinely appointed means of government.

    1. A tyrant is someone who rules without God.

    2. Tyranny is not a lawful form of government.

    3. Godless civil rulers are no more than bands of robbers.” St. Aug.

    1. When the rule of law dies as sin prevails throughout the land, tyranny is not far behind.

    1. Book of Judges – Sin = Tyranny.

    2. Deuteronomy 28:1 – Blessings for Obedience.

    3. Deuteronomy 28:15 – Curses of Disobedience.

    1. Judges 3 – The Lord will test you to see if you Obey Him.

    2. No such thing as “rebelling against tyranny.” RESTORATION

    1. Deuteronomy 4:34 – God brings His people out of tyranny.

      1. God doesn’t use majorities. The majority is usually wrong.

      2. Hebrews 11:32 – Heroes of Faith that conquered tyrants.

    1. Options:

      1. Use of Deception

        1. Not generally speaking only very specifically.

        2. Avoiding being an accomplice to sin.

        3. Do not owe the truth to someone who will abuse it.

      1. Avoidance

        1. This does not mean cowardice.

        1. Conflict with tyranny also is preventing wickedness from harming property, lives, family when you don’t have the strength or resources to overcome.

      1. Assassination & Sabotage

        1. Assassination to remove tyrants is just, not murder.

        2. 2 Chron. 23:12 – Dietrich Bonhoeffer – Plot for Hitler.

      1. Armed Resistance & Guerilla War.

    1. Considerations Before Beginning War – Prayer & Contemplation

      1. Strength and Resources.

      2. Ability to go full-­‐scale on a long-­‐term basis to win.

      3. Not a temporary action based on emotion.

      1. Review the Declaration of Causes and Necessity.

      2. Reasonable hope of winning, God is on your side. If not wait.

      1. Is God directing? Ex. 33:14-­‐15, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Gamaliel.

      1. People are tired of tyranny & sin w/ hearts set on Freedom? OR People accustomed tyranny and don’t know who God is?

      1. Micah – Patriots who want to serve God not “libertine.”

  1. Warrior Priests

    1. Living Sacrifice.

    1. Intercession through prayer and action.

    2. Adam was told to tend and guard (“Abad & Shamar”).

    1. Warrior = Guardianship.

    1. 2 Chronicles 23:8-­‐9 – Armed Guards & weapons in the tabernacle.

    2. Prayer Humility, Wisdom, Courage, and Protection.

    1. James 4:8 – Draw near to God and purge double mindedness.

    2. James 4:17 – Not doing the right thing is sin.

    1. Proverbs 21:31 – “Prepare your horse for battle, but the battle is the Lord’s.”

  1. Freedom is in Jesus Christ.

Where the Spirit of God is, there is Liberty

kkk cross flag.jpg

He references the US Civil War and writes “war is not waged against nations but against man (no scorched earth or Sherman’s march to the sea).”

Shea has replied to those in the media who are alarmed at his fanaticism and religio-fascism that “The counter-state is working overtime,” adding that “there are two main counter-states in America: Marxists and Islamists.” Shea has also promoted conspiracy theories, that global warming is a conspiracy to “manipulate the public mind.”

He also frequently met with and supported rancher Cliven Bundy’s uprising against the Bureau of Land Management, which he opposes for the despotic act of charging fees for grazing on federally maintained land.


In the above ‘Alliance Defending Freedom’ Power Point presentation used by the U.S. Army Reserve in training soldiers on religious extremism it already shows that Evangelical Christianity (Southern Baptist) is already considered a threat by elements of the United States Armed Forces.

Americans need to understand that extremism is a complex phenomenon and followers who believe that their beliefs (whatever religion), customs and traditions are the ‘right way’ and all others practicing their faiths are the ‘wrong way,’ will become susceptible to politicians who use religion as a tool of control and manipulation – whether they are Pakistani Mullahs, American Pastors or Hindu Swamis – or others.

Mohammed Abbasi

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