#Brexit – Divide and Rule Strategy.

“Therefore the skilful leader subdues the enemy’s troops without any fighting; he captures their cities without laying siege to them; he overthrows their kingdom without lengthy operations in the field.”

Master Sun (Sun Tzu) – The Art of War

The term divide et impera used by Philip II of Macedon (Father of Alexander the Great) around 300 BC. It was also used by Julius Ceasar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and later, by the British.

Dīvide Et Imperā is a latin phrase which means to ‘divide and conquer or divide and rule’.

In politics or military it means gaining control and maintaining power by breaking up larger structures or segments of power or enemy forces into pieces that individually will have less power than the one implementing the strategy of ‘Dīvide Et Imperā’.

The Dīvide Et Imperā strategy breaks up existing power structures into smaller segments, and prevents these segments and groups from linking up by causing rivalries and fomenting problems from among the people within these groups as well as what we can call promoting ‘tribal leaders’ within these groups.

When Europeans invaded The Americas, Africa, Asia, Middle East or even other parts of Europe – many a time they ensured that the leaders of the communities they were ‘conquering’ did not connect with each other for a common purpose of looking after their own issues and address the invasions problem and thus commonly struggle for their independence. Through Dīvide Et Imperā many of the communities that were invaded were enticed into collaboration with the invaders.

In Art of War (the Machiavelli one not Sun Tzu) it explains that the military leader should strive to divide the forces of the enemy and Machiavelli goes into details of how to do this for example making the military leader of the enemy be suspicious of the soldiers within his own army or ‘guiding’ the enemy leader towards reasons to believe that his army would perform better when divided. Naturally this weakens the enemy forces and makes it easier to conquer it.

Today when we look at this tactic we can see it as practiced by the major economic powers in an attempt to get business – especially by American and Russian Oligarchs.

In business politics and military one side gains control and maintains power by breaking up larger structures or segments of power of the opposing or enemy forces. It breaks them into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy of ‘Dīvide Et Imperā’. Thats how traditional politicians and militaries win. 

The UK was divided from the European Union under the successful #Brexit campaign supported by many elements outside the UK and EU who had an interest on ‘cutting the UK down to size’ and they used those who considered themselves British ‘patriots’ to do this. Britain which was the first port of call of many nations wanting to deal with the European Union now is being forced to stand alone and make its own way forward – outside this economically powerful bloc which was a threat to both the United States and a future powerful Russia.

I am not playing the #Brexit / #Remain game merely saying it as it is, now that we the British people have voted out we need to stiffen our resolve and get out, but must not be in any doubt that we are voting out and we will be in a weaker position – diplomatically, militarily and economically – and when people, the masses start getting hurt economically (its already started).

Master Sun said: “For them to perceive the advantage of defeating the enemy, they must also have their rewards.” Taking the que from Master Sun I hope the British people look closely at those who pushed for #Brexit: Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, George Galloway, Tommy Robinson and their supporters from other nations especially in the United States like Steve Bannon and simply ask – why are they not being ‘hurt’ economically like the rest of the British people?. 

Kissinger was U.S. Secretary of State under President Richard Nixon, and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The UK still needs to fight for its friends – the closest friends will remain The European Union and the Commonwealth Nations – not the Americans or Russians.

Master Sun said: “If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.” Nations have their own interests not friends.

The United Kingdom needs to start looking out for its own interests as ruthlessly as the United States and Russia. And cannot depend on who it considers its friends. 

In football imagine that you are on the main premiership team and one of the main premiership players The UK decides to set up his own team with his own players… Where is he going to get those players from to join his new team? Its going to be difficult but it has to be done.

A future economically powerful in a scenario mentioned by a French friend Russia may want to attack the EU. Should this happen we need to be there for the European nations. A future United States may also target Europe – we should be there for Europe – we should not depend on the US as a friend let alone an ally. Remember the Americans have interests – not friends. The United States is fast becoming an Oligarchy and stopped being a Democracy many years ago.

Together the EU was powerful and its nations armies and intelligence services working together foiled many threats to their ‘team’ of nations standing solid. But then one or two nations showed weaknesses and enemies exploited.

In war divide and rule/conquer remains one of the main strategies on the field – in the past many nations did not have standing armies, they relied on tribes or warlords to bring their armies to battle and whilst in battle one sides task was to reduce the amount of tribes or warlords that came onto the battlefield on the other side.

Divide & Rule is a strategy any power monger will put to use at every opportunity.

In any society there will be people who associate themselves with those of same area, religion, race, castes or ideology. And when someone emerges from among them (Tommy Robinson) or outside (Steve Bannon) and decides to play up the differences between groups within a nation we should know – that that individual seeks power and control over us.

Divide and Rule – ‘Dīvide Et Imperā’ does NOT have your interests at heart. 

Master Sun said: “Know thyself, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” Its time the United Kingdom went on the offensive diplomatically, economically and politically to survive #Brexit and help the British people to understand their worst enemies are their own fears and those who have thrived from encouraging their fears.




Mohammed Abbasi

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