Memory Lock 100 System & Sun Tzu

RE: Workshop brief for 08/03/2019 – 120 mins session.

Simple Phonetics:

We start with the Standard English Phonetic Alphabet as follows (allow 5 mins to lock in memory):

0 becomes z, s, c (soft)
becomes t or d
becomes n
3 becomes m
4 becomes r
5 becomes l
6 becomes j, ch, sh, g (soft)
7 becomes k, c (hard), g (hard)
8 becomes v, f, ph
9 becomes b or p

Each number becomes a consonant sound.


  • Vowels do not have any meaning except to act as fillers in our words.
  • Double letter combinations are counted as one sound.
  • Silent letters are not counted.

Now we ‘peg’ or ‘lock’ words that represent the consonant sound for each numbers from 00 to 10. There are a number of words to choose from that have the same consonant value (allow 5 mins to lock in memory):

First Ten:

0 – shoes (o and e are fillers)
1 – sat (a filler)
2 – sun (u is a filler)
3 – sim (i is a filler)
4 – sir (i is a filler)
5 – sail (a and i are fillers)
6 – sag (a is a filler)
7 – sick (i is a filler)
8 – safe (a and e are fillers)
9 – sip (i is a filler)
10 – ties (i and e are fillers)
11 – tide (i and e are fillers) etc, etc (see below for my peg/lock list)

The One Hundred Memory Pegs:

My 00 to 100 lock list (Take approx 25mins to lock in memory)

00. shoes
01. sat
02. sun
03. sim
04. sir
05. sail
06. sag
07. sick
08. safe
09. sag
10. ties
11. tide
12. tan
13. tomb
14. tyre
15. doll
16. dig
17. duck
18. dove
19. tap
20. nose
21. net
22. nun
23. gnome
24. near
25. kneel
26. nag
27. neck
28. knife
29. knob
30. miss
31. mat
32. man
33. mom
34. mare
35. mole
36. match
37. mack
38. mow
39. map
40. rose
41. rat
42. run
43. ram
44. roar
45. rail
46. rag
47. rock
48. roof
49. rap
50. lazy
51. light
52. lane
53. lamb
54. lair
55. lily
56. log
57. luck
58. loaf
59. lap
60. goose
61. gate
62. gun
63. gum
64. gear
65. jail
66. jug
67. jack
68. gave
69. gob
70. geese
71. cat
72. coin
73. comb
74. car
75. coal

76. keg
77. cake
78. cave
79. cap
80. fuse
81. fat
82. fun
83. foam
84. fire
85. fill
86. fig
87. fake
88. fife
89. fab
90. bus
91. bat
92. bun
93. bomb
94. bar
95. pill
96. peach
97. peck
98. pave
99. baby
100. daisies

Here use a further 25 mins to play games with fellow students where one student shouts a two digit number and the other responds with the word locked for that number – have fun (Now we can go for 100 to 999 once the 00 to 99 have been locked in the brain (100 has been done for you to start you off, its recommended that the 00 to 99 are first remembered and then 100 to 199 etc, remember to make the words creative and fun)…


This Phonetic Lock System based on the Phonetic Alphabet and can store large amounts of information within our brains.Phonetic means sounds that words make.

The ten basic consonant sounds relate to the ten numerical digits 0 – 9.Phonetic Lock Words correspond to numerical values. And an even more powerful memory lock system associates the senses to the 100 system which are sound, smell, taste, feeling/touch.

The above techniques can made as memory ‘mindmap’ locks within our minds that we can use with Neuro-Message/Meditation Techniques for an even more powerful memory.

Now how is this related to Sun Tzu & The Art of War?

Master Sun (Sun Tzu) said:
‘War is a matter of vital importance to the State; the province of life or death; the road to survival or ruin. It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied.’

Our lives from birth to death are war and it is vital that we know how to navigate this war and not just survive but also thrive.

Our minds are being attacked by people who want us to buy things or want to manipulate us for their own purposes. Master Sun teaches us to thoroughly study techniques of this war being used against us and rather than use them to go on the offensive we should use them to defend, empower ourselves and those around us and everything depends on how we think. Lets start with having a stronger mind and memory.

‘Know the enemy, know yourself; your victory will never be endangered. Know the ground, know the weather; your victory will then be total.’ – Master Sun

Mohammed Abbasi

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