Sith, Sufis & The Salaf

The Sith is the True Salaf, the true way Sufis, the real Jedi – neutral and balanced.

The Sith use honest passion and emotion to channel the Force. Unlike the Jedi who like Sufis, use inner peace as a get out clause that limits their creativity. Through true passion and emotion the Sith recognise that faith in The Force (The Way of Allah) is not enough.

The Jedi weakness like Sufis is their unwillingness to ‘know’ The Force. They do not access this side of themselves. Jedi call this the Dark Side. Jedi hate and have hunted Sith to near extinction, like the Crusaders of the middle ages.

Jedi consider themselves superior to the Sith. They declare themselves “Good” and anyone opposing them they consider “Evil.”

The Sith accept emotion and passion as powerful. Sith do not deny feelings of hate, anger, fear, suffering alongside love, joy, attachment. The aim is to know The Force and grow. And the Jedi reject physical attachment. They consider emotions dark and dangerous. The affection of a mother to her child, or between lovers is wrong. Jedi condemn love alongside other emotions. Jedi consider this as their faith in The Force. They fear in knowing The Force.

Salaf and Sufis consider Tawhid as the first level of monotheism. Jedi and Sith both say they follow The Force. But if those who have taken their ‘Maulvis and Pirs’ as lords besides Allah (Q 9:31) – that is not Tawhid – as in case of Sufis. And Jedi who take Masters and Grand Masters like Yoda as the final authority on The Force commit shirk. Sith do not seek anyone else as the final authority on The Force. Salaf do not consider any teacher as having exclusive access to Allah The Most Powerful.

The Force has power over everything regardless whether one believes in it or not. Passivity in life is not an option for a believer. Inward peace can only be achieved by accepting outward struggles like the Salaf and Sith. By being at ‘peace’ within oneself whilst others around you are suffering is like the Sufis and Jedi is haraam. Mysticism – is no excuse for inaction.

Emperor Palpatine and individual Siths are not representative of all Sith. Individual Salaf are not representative of all Salaf. Some have and will use the Dark Side and will become corrupted by it’s uncontrollable power. These individuals have brought disrepute over all Salaf and Sith.

Master Yoda and many individual Jedi are hypocrites like many who call themselves Sufi. They have declared themselves good and holy warriors and have condemned others as evil.

Is not pride against the Jedi way or Sufi way?

Sith use passion and emotion to channel the Force so they can follow their individual path just like Salaf who search for their feelings within and confront them to build that connection – that knowing of the Majesty of Allah.

For those who would like to know more about the truth of The Jedi you can click this link.

Mohammed Abbasi

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