SUN TZU ART OF WAR: In Roman Urdu / Hindi (Hindustani)

“SUN TZU ART OF WAR: In Roman Urdu / Hindi (Hindustani)”

This book is part of an ongoing effort to bring the timeless teachings of Master Sun (Sun Tzu) to a wider audience. It is written in English and a combination of Roman Urdu and Roman Hindi (collectively referred to as Roman Hindustani) languages.

The reason for presenting it in Roman Hindustani is simple: people outside Pakistan and India who may not be able to read Urdu or Hindi still have the opportunity to learn from this book.

I invite you to enjoy and share this valuable resource widely. Your support in our mission to make such literature accessible to a global audience would be greatly appreciated. You can follow me on social media and reach out to me via email at

For more information and to download the book please use the link below and the book if free to download and share, should you wish to donate you can do so also.

Mohammed Abbasi

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