FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) by country

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   Estimated prevalence of FGM in Africa.[1] FGM is also seen in Middle East and some Muslim populations ofSoutheast and South Asia.[2][3][4] Prevalence of FGM   Country Percentageof womenaffected Type Benin 30–50 II Burkina Faso 71.6 II Cameroon 20 n/a Central AfricanRepublic 43 n/a Chad 60 II, III Cote D’Ivoire 44.5 II Congo 5 n/a Djibouti 90–98 II, III Egypt 97 I, II Eritrea 90 I, II, III Ethiopia 72.7 I, II, III, IV Gambia 60–90 I, II, III, IV Ghana n/a I, II, III Guinea 98.6 I, II, III, IV Guinea-Bissau 50 n/a Indonesia n/a I, IV Kenya 37.6 … Continue reading FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) by country