Will Qatar Supply EU With Gas?

EU Reconsiders Russian LNG, Qatar Waits in Wings By Daniel Wagner, Giorgio Cafiero, and Sufyan bin Uzayr A tanker transports liquid natural gas (LNG) through the province of A Coruña, on Spain’s Atlantic Coast. Credit: Robert/cc by 2.0 WASHINGTON, Apr 25 2014 (IPS) – Throughout the Ukraine crisis, European Union (EU) leaders have become more vocal about their interest in reducing Europe’s consumption of Russian natural gas. As a result, Qatar — the world’s number-one provider of liquefied natural gas (LNG) — is well positioned to play a more influential role in Europe’s energy landscape. Although unlikely to replace Russia as Europe’s top natural gas provider, … Continue reading Will Qatar Supply EU With Gas?

Saudi Arabia bans the Muslim Brotherhood – who next?

Saudi Arabia’s decision to brand the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation should surprise none, the conservative kingdom’s paranoia about is not just movements that stand for freedom, human rights and democracy, but also Muslim groups or movements that believe in democracy. The Brotherhood has its own agenda yes, and its charter may have aims that sound anachronistic, but the party founded by Hassan al-Banna has been relying on the electoral process to achieve power. The Saudis welcomed the army coup that ousted the Brotherhood’s elected government headed by Morsi. Saudi Arabia is not the only one: recent days have seen … Continue reading Saudi Arabia bans the Muslim Brotherhood – who next?