I did not carry out 9/11 killing thousands
I did not carry out the London bombings
I did not attack Iraq or Afghanistan killing a million plus
I did not withold medical supplies from Iraqis killing some at least 500,000 children
I did not  and do not use drones or missiles killing thousands
I was not involved in World War 2 or 1 killing tens of millions
I was not involved in invading, occupying nations around the world deporting and/or killing hundreds of millions in the name of Empire.
And I was not involved in the Crusades


I am sick and tired of people asking me about 9/11
I am not being ‘insensitive’ about terrorism or violence – I just do not identify with those who are violent from any side.
I do not need to prove my loyalty to any group, religion, race, tribe or nation – its fashionable to condemn 9/11 and get the brownie points – I need no brownie points.
I am not apologising for 9/11 simply because I did not do 9/11.

All violence on innocents is terrorism regardless its blessed by governments, politicians or religious cranks!


One thought on “I WILL NOT APOLOGISE FOR 9/11!

  1. SubhanAllah I am really Sorry what happened on 9/11, many people lost their lifes but we don’t have to keep apologizing for it every year, the criminals who did it have been eliminated & justice has been done but really wars and killings have not stopped in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan are still continuing for 13 years now and its time the wars were ended and peace among all nations was stored. I really hope to see Justice n Peace in the world soon, InShaAllah.

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