Is the United States of America a Democracy, a Republic or an Oligarchy?

The United States is both a democracy and a republic, but the terms are not mutually exclusive. So let us break it down whether the United States a democracy or a republic: The United States a Democracy? The United States is a democracy, because, the people, hold ultimate political power. It is not a “direct democracy,” but a “representative democracy.” Representative democracy means voting in elections to choose representatives – this makes it a representative democracy, but remember the United States Constitution does not use the term “democracy.” The United States a Republic? The United States is a republic because … Continue reading Is the United States of America a Democracy, a Republic or an Oligarchy?

Was Obama ‘for or against’ the Invasion of Iraq?

Obama moral compass changes on IraqBy Adil E Shamoo  In a speech in Brussels on March 26, President Barack Obama rejected Vladimir Putin’s assertions regarding the wrongs of the United States invasion of Iraq. Rhetoric aside, the Russian president has no moral standing for the invasion and annexation of Crimea. Nevertheless it is important to look at Obama’s own moral arguments in justifying an invasion that a majority of US citizens regard as a major US foreign policy disaster.  Putin called into question the legitimacy of the coalition behind the Iraq invasion by pointing out that president George W Bush … Continue reading Was Obama ‘for or against’ the Invasion of Iraq?

US ‘peace process’ charade plays on

As the US-imposed April 29 deadline for a “framework” agreement between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority looms, time is also running out for the American administration on the issue. The Barack Obama administration needs to conjure up an escape route to avoid embarrassment if the talks are to fail.  The Americans were likely aware when this latest process launched that peace under the current circumstances is unattainable. Israel’s ruling coalition is adamantly anti-Arab, anti-peace and against any kind of agreement that falls short of endorsing the Israel’s apartheid-like occupation of Palestine.  Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his allies on … Continue reading US ‘peace process’ charade plays on

Al Qaeda militants moving from Pakistan to set up in Syria

      A New York Times report has claimed that Al Qaeda militants and planners travelled from Pakistan to Syria where they are seeking to establish a base in order to carry out strikes against the United States and Europe in the future. Director of US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), John Brennan, recently expressed apprehensions over the issue before a House panel saying “we are concerned about the use of Syrian territory by the Al Qaeda organisation to recruit individuals and develop the capability to be able not just to carry out attacks inside of Syria, but also to use Syria … Continue reading Al Qaeda militants moving from Pakistan to set up in Syria

Obama oils China-Vatican links

BEIJING – In a way, his heart will be in China and his mind in Rome. On March 27, when US President Barack Obama meets Pope Francis at the Vatican, he will have wrapped up an important European tour focusing on transatlantic ties and Russia’s new posturing in the world, especially in Ukraine, recently severed by Moscow. By then, Obama will have met Chinese President Xi Jinping in the Netherlands, while Obama’s wife Michelle, daughters, and mother-in-law (certainly his heart) will have just finished a trip to China. It is proof of how important China is for Obama, and possibly … Continue reading Obama oils China-Vatican links

Russian sanctions as war and farce

If we come to a minefield, our infantry attacks exactly as if it was not there – Marshal Georgy Zhukov  Let’s start with the serious stuff. As Russia’s Federation Council ratifies a treaty with Crimea, concluding the formal annexation, Ukraine signs the political chapters of an association agreement with the European Union (EU). The signing of the full EU agreement will only happen later in 2014. These are the facts on the ground. Now let’s turn to comedy hour – also known as the sanctions war. The oh-so democratic EU has punished the democratic Crimea referendum by sanctioning 33 Russians and Crimeans … Continue reading Russian sanctions as war and farce

US trying to attack Israel’s defence chief?

The fact that Nethanyahu merely slaps Yaalon on the wrist but never fires him is also a humiliation to the US. But what can Obama do? He doesn’t have any real leverage or all his donors (or rather, most of the democratic donors his party needs in the midterms) will be breathing down the neck, not to mention the shitstorm in the pro-Israel media, such as the NYT, WaPo, WSJ etc… Anyway here is the article: Now the US is trying to ‘delegitimize’ Israel’s defense minister Philip Weiss of Moshe Ya’alon with Pam Geller, in 2006, from Wikimedia commons Have you followed … Continue reading US trying to attack Israel’s defence chief?

Russia 1, Regime Changers 0

By Pepe Escobar  Let’s cut to the chase – short and sweet.  1. The Obama administration’s “strategic” gambit to subcontract the State Department’s “Khaganate of Nulands” to extricate Ukraine from the Russian sphere of influence – and ultimately annex it to NATO – by instrumentalizing a coalition of willing neo-nazis and fascists with a central bank veneer (prime minister “Yats”), is in utter shambles.  2. Moscow’s counterpunch was to prevent in Crimea – as intercepted by Russian intelligence – a planned replay of the putsch in Kiev. The referendum in Crimea – 85% of turnout, roughly 93% voting for re-joining … Continue reading Russia 1, Regime Changers 0

US adopts Israeli demand on Iran’s missiles

By Gareth Porter  WASHINGTON – The Barack Obama administration’s insistence that Iran discuss its ballistic missile program in the negotiations for a comprehensive nuclear agreement brings its position into line with that of Israel and senators who introduced legislation drafted by the pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC aimed at torpedoing the negotiations.  But the history of the issue suggests that the Obama administration knows that Iran will not accept the demand and that it is not necessary to a final agreement guaranteeing that Iran’s nuclear program is not used for a weapon.  White House spokesman Jay Carney highlighted the new US demand … Continue reading US adopts Israeli demand on Iran’s missiles


WHY? I did not carry out 9/11 killing thousands I did not carry out the London bombings I did not attack Iraq or Afghanistan killing a million plus I did not withold medical supplies from Iraqis killing some at least 500,000 children I did not  and do not use drones or missiles killing thousands I was not involved in World War 2 or 1 killing tens of millions I was not involved in invading, occupying nations around the world deporting and/or killing hundreds of millions in the name of Empire. And I was not involved in the Crusades I am … Continue reading I WILL NOT APOLOGISE FOR 9/11!