Six skin habits to unlearn now


LOS ANGELES: Some of the skin care techniques that people think are helping their skin are actually doing more harm than good, says skin care expert Renée Rouleau and adds that over time these habits may harm the skin.

The celebrity esthetician lists six bad skin habits one needs to unlearn immediately,

Tugging at the delicate skin surrounding the eye area: The area surrounding eye has the thinnest skin on the face, and it’s the first to show the signs of ageing. Pulling on the skin while putting in contacts, applying eyeliner, or rubbing aggressively to remove stubborn eye make-up can unnecessarily create wear and tear on the collagen and elasticity fibers within the skin. This can cause visible lines and wrinkles prematurely, so be sure to handle this delicate area with care. Also, always apply eye cream with the ring finger and use a gentle patting motion to avoid rubbing and tugging.

Misting, not wiping, your skin when using toner: While misting or spraying toner on the skin may be convenient, it is really important to use a wiping motion while applying toner. The reason is toners are designed to remove cleanser residue and most importantly, salts, chlorines, and chemicals from tap water that may dehydrate the skin. When you mist the toner you are simply diluting these chemicals, not removing them. Always use an alcohol-free toner, wipe it over the skin with a cotton cloth or pad.

Rubbing skin too aggressively with a washcloth: Use a washcloth or facial sponge during evening cleansing to fully remove make-up and residue from the day. However, rubbing the skin too aggressively with a washcloth may encourage irritation, stimulate melanin cells in those prone to brown spots, and create extra wear and tear on skin’s elasticity. Use a baby washcloth with softer fibers or a facial sponge.

Not washing your face in the morning: When sleeping, skin is in repair mode and it secretes sebum, which can prevent your morning products from working optimally. Additionally, you’ll be layering your morning products on top of your night-time products like masks or retinols, so they won’t penetrate the skin as easily. Cleansing in the shower will give the skin a clean slate to allow your daytime serum and sunscreen to better protect and absorb into the skin. Be sure to always wash with a mild, sulfate-free cleansing gel in the morning.

Using the same products year-round: Without a doubt, skin has different needs in different seasons. In the spring, think spring cleaning with deep pore cleansing and exfoliating productsto revive the skin from the winter dryness. In the summer, the focus should be on protecting skin from the sun with sunscreen and antioxidants, which have powerful protective qualities. Products should be lighter-weight in the spring and summer since there is more humidity in the air, and a summer skin care routine should have less exfoliation since more time is spent outdoors. During the fall, increase exfoliation to repair the skin from the summer sun damage. With the dry air in winter, the focus should be on increasing moisturisation and using hydrating products.

Picking at your skin: Whether it is out of nerves or simply trying to make a blemish go away faster, in the end picking at a blemish will make it worse. A blemish only lasts five to seven days, but the red, dark scar from messing with it can make it linger for months. Leave the blemish alone and conceal the bump with makeup until it heals naturally.

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