Take the test: Which political tribe are you?

  So what type of voter are you? Pollsters Populus have come up with a new way of tapping into the mind of the electorate. You can take the test here – but first let us explain what it is all about. Worcester woman. Mondeo Man. Political parties love slicing and dicing the electorate into chunks, all the better to target them for their votes. The technique is called segmentation and – like many political tools – has been perfected in the United States. Gone are the days when the public was segmented by simple things like their cars or postcodes. Now … Continue reading Take the test: Which political tribe are you?

Britain deserves better?

Labour – deserves better? Ed Miliband seriously needs to start thinking out of the box – in fact he needs to throw away the box! That if he is serious about the leadership of the UK let alone New Labour. What has Ed done to make his party representative of the people of the United Kingdom as he promised in his last conference speech? Take the example of Birmingham: Near 50% of the people and 80% of the Labour Party ‘ground troops’ are what Labour regards as ‘Black and Ethnic’ minority – then you look at the larger picture in … Continue reading Britain deserves better?